Ruth Circle

The Ruth Circle meets at 1 PM on the 4th Monday of each month, except for June, July and August. During those summer months the circle plans special outings such as lunch together at a local restaurant or a picnic.  Monthly meetings are usually hosted in our members homes and the programs are presented by members, either a specific topic of their choice or having someone from the community  present a informational program on a service group or program of interest.

In the spring Ruth Circle recognizes high school graduates with a gift to the Methodist Children’s Home in their honor. Ruth Circle also has a card ministry, sending cards to hospitalized or sick church members or sending cards for special occasions or remembrances. Each year Ruth circle adopts a family to help throughout the year in a variety of ways; clothing for children, groceries, electric bills or whatever is needed. For 10+ years Ruth Circle has been responsible for the Bear Ministry collection when the congregation brings new teddy bears or stuffed animals that are get distributed to the EMTs, Law Enforcement Depts. CASA and other first responders to comfort children in times of stress. 

Ruth frequently supports several other missions and ministries as the needs arise, some of them being the Red Bird Mission Group,  Mexico Missions Trips,  the  Food Bank, The Back to School mission, Soup labels, Our Daily Bread, The  Nurses Homeless Clinic, Peace Place Thrift Store (helping to sort and organize donated items), Hope Resources and the Relay for Life.     

Ruth Circle welcomes anyone looking for a circle to come and meet with them and share in the fellowship.