Marilyn Sherry

Marilyn joined the staff in January 2016 as a part-time office assistant.  She is a native of Greenville, SC but has lived most of her adult life in Georgia. A graduate of Emory University, she was a stay-at-home mom in Atlanta until her children were grown. At that time, she began working as an Administrative Assistant in the Office of Church Development at the old Conference center in downtown Atlanta and worked there for 10 years. When she and her husband, Bill, bought and renovated an 1880 farmhouse and moved to Maysville, she then began working as the Administrative Assistant at the Gainesville District Office in 2001 and remained there for 8 years until her retirement in 2009.

Marilyn was a long-time member of North Springs United Methodist Church in Atlanta, and is now a member of Holly Springs United Methodist Church in Jackson County, where she is chairperson of the SPRC. She also serves on the Gainesville District Committee on Ministry.

Marilyn and Bill have three wonderful children, who have three great spouses, and seven grandchildren who are their joy – six girls and one boy.